Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are parallel lines that usually create on the skin at different areas of the body like arms, shoulders, underarms, belly, upper arms, thighs and other parts. The main cause of the development of these marks is due to the instant weight gain through the body as compared to the normal expansion of the skin or it can also occur because of the hormonal changes in both males and females. In the early stages, these marks look like red or purple lines but with time, these people get older and changes occur in color.

The white or silverfish line is the signs of the more mature stretch marks that are difficult to remove. In order for these to be eliminated, a protective and well researched skin care regime is required. There are women who would rather handle it on their own instead doing corrective surgical procedures that are way too expensive and take a lot of time, such as laser treatment that requires numerous sessions with lot of cash.

To get the right solution on how to get rid of stretch marks at home fast, read on to the tips mentioned below.

Use Using castor oil

Castor oil is considered as the actual healing oil with many beneficial features. It is the best cure for the issue of stretch marks. Use castor oil as the massaging oil at the affected area containing stretch marks and canopy it with the plastic sheet. Apply some heat by putting a heating pad or even hot water bottle for at least 45 minutes. Follow the same procedure everyday for 2 weeks and this home cure will get you the outcomes that you are looking for.

Use Sunscreen Lotions Or even Cream

If the sunlight directly falls around the areas containing these marks, it can worsen the condition and make it look darker as well as uglier. People are more likely to lose their self confidence and self esteem. Use a high quality sun protection factor product without any gaps towards the affected areas for increasing the condition. With time, the actual stretch marks will vanish.

Removal Creams

Some of them contain natural ingredients that aren't only effective but also free from the negative elements. Apply the cream or lotion in the affected area regularly twice a day and within fourteen days, the results will be visible. Creams give noticeable results as compared to every other dermatological procedure without having to spend great deal of money.

The way to get rid of stretch marks in the home fast is a main question and after going through the above mentioned points, these problem marks can be improved a great deal.

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